Favourite vloggers

Here are some of our favourite travel vloggers:

Kinging-It – hilarious Welsh couple making ever more incredible trips

FinnSnow – amazing footage of South East Asia especially the Phillipines where he is based.

PsychoTraveller – very funny Birmingham lass with some big trips in the past and now making shorter but fun to watch trips

TIM and FIN – fun American couple with round the world and American RV travels in the past. Now hopping around destinations.

Travel Beans – very funny British couple. Travelling for many years and still loving it.

Abroad in Japan – an Englishman in Japan, funny with great editing and entertaining friends such as Sharmander who is also great and has her own channel.

Geoff Carter – Englishman exploring Thailand. A card! Keep Smiling.

Sailing La Vagabonde – beautiful journey, beautiful soundtrack, beautiful people

NYC Couple – completed a long round the world trip worth looking back through. Hope they keep making videos.

Danegar and Stacey – New Zealand couple making entertaining and informational videos from around the world.

Links to these channels and more are here.

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