Favourite vloggers

Here are some of our favourite travel vloggers:

Kinging-It – hilarious Welsh couple making ever more incredible trips

FinnSnow – amazing footage of South East Asia especially the Phillipines where he is based.

PsychoTraveller – very funny Birmingham lass with some big trips in the past and now making shorter but fun to watch trips

TIM and FIN – fun American couple with round the world and American RV travels in the past. Now hopping around destinations.

Travel Beans – very funny British couple. Travelling for many years and still loving it.

Abroad in Japan – an Englishman in Japan, funny guy with great editing and entertaining friends such as Sharmander who has her own channel.

Geoff Carter – Englishman exploring Thailand. A card! Keep Smiling.

NYC Couple – completed a long round the world trip worth looking back through. Hope they keep making videos.

Danegar and Stacey – stylish New Zealand couple making entertaining and informative videos from around the world.

Josh Edwards – making some class travel films, some shorts and some longer form.

Pocket Trailblazer – her longer travel videos are finely labored over works of art

Alexander Travelbum – extensive travels over the last five years, with recent videos from a Peruvian lockdown and that voice.

Worldwide Walkers – these guys make me laugh with their quirky humor.

Links to these channels and more are here. Would be interested to hear about other travel vloggers, especially slightly older ones to include on this page.

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