Ricoh GR I / II / III

The Ricoh GR and its successor the GR II (which has wifi), make excellent street and travel photography cameras. They will fit comfortably in your jeans front pocket and can be kept handy in there without a case ready to shoot when a street photo presents itself. Just remove anything from the pocket that might scratch the camera.

The 18.5mm (28mm equivalent) F2.8 lens is ideal for shooting subjects close up and is very sharp giving good image quality.

As the lens is fixed focal length rather than zoom it is necessary to move more to get the crop you want. Working with a fixed lens is a bit more work but it’s a good discipline to practice and the results from the better quality lens make it worthwhile.

It is good as a general travel camera and will take  very good landscape photos with its 16.2 MP sensor.

This camera was used on many of our recent photo trips including the trips to Thailand and Japan.

Very tempted with the Ricoh GR III, but it’s quite a price hike from the earlier models. If the video has improved substantially I think it will be worth it.

Update: ordered the GR III but it was out of stock and never arrived. Ended up cancelling the order. So this gives Ricoh more time to fix the niggle with the dial control thats been reported, and I can watch more reviews to figure out whether I want to pay so much for this camera. It sounds like the video isn’t as much of a step up as I hoped, the GR III mainly being a camera for still photographers. While this is largely what I do with it, I will still be shooting video with any camera I take on a trip with me, so I want quality at least as good as a smartphone.

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