Canon EOS 80D

The Canon 80D has now replaced the excellent 70D camera in Canon’s lineup. It continues the 70D’s superb vlogging capabilities and adds a few new tweaks of its own.

The body is larger than Canon’s bottom of the range beginner SLRs but this makes the controls easier to manage while shooting.

Some of the good features of the camera are the continuous focusing when shooting video, the rotating touchscreen which makes shooting from an angle much easier, wifi and weather resistant body.

I haven’t used this camera as much as I would like to mainly due to it being much larger than the Ricoh GR and not taking it to long haul destinations where I want to travel very light. It has mainly had a run out when I have been driving to places in the UK and some short haul destinations in Europe. Hopefully I can improve its amount of use this year.

The best photography I have done with it has been in the Yorkshire Dales and the Cote d’Azur where you can see the quality of the lens and camera combination, producing both good still and video shots.

The video looks better than any of my other cameras or smartphones, and now using external mic should be able to get better sound as well.

I’m still noticing that the tonal range is not as good as a film camera but I’m hoping it is better than my previous digital SLR. The default exposure is slightly high but can easily be corrected. Colours are good. I like it a lot, but just need to use it more.

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